Ohio Boy

Finally I can write something happy! It’s all thanks to him..

I tried to write this in paragraphs but it just wasn’t working.

Ohio Boy,

you are the reason I feel the flutter

i haven’t felt in what might as well be a hundred years

i feel like i just went on a roller coaster

but all i did was talk to you

thank you for reminding me

that i am smart

that i am pretty

that got me through my test today

you don’t know

you were the first

to ever say these things to me

the first boy to ask me out

if only i could have said yes

i wish you didn’t take up quite so many of my thoughts

but i couldn’t care less

i know there’s a reason we met

and you’d better make it a good one


makes me want to make you feel

make you know

that you can be loved for more than just your body

But maybe I’m just being over-dramatic.


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