Um, Title?

If anyone in the twenty-second century finds my poems and they’re considered classics and all that I can just imagine a teacher being like:

“Okay, class, who actually read Ivy’s famous ‘Um, Title?'”

But by then we might not have teachers…whoa…those lucky kids. Sorry my teachers make me go insane every day and I’m so ready to say goodbye _____________!

Sorry. Here’s poetry.


the teacher pissed me off

and maybe i was talking louder than necessary

but then she turned around


Wow, that’s the loudest I’ve ever heard Ivy speak!”


in that case

you’ve never


heard me


but you wouldn’t know that,

would you?

wrapped up in your little bubble of

prettiness and popularity


I don’t know if you can call that poetry but there it is. This actually happened today and I thought girl you must be deaf because I am loud as fuck all the time and you only notice today – a week and a half before the end of eighth grade? We’ve been in the same class for nine months. Ugh.

Our semi-formal is this weekend – honestly it’s yet another popularity contest but hell yeah I’m going. Only because of my friends. Because I don’t have a date. Because I will be forever alone. 😅😜

There’s always Ohio Boy. Who asked me out. I honestly have no idea how that happened. He called me cute and I thought um, excuse me, do you need glasses? (I degrade myself too much). Of course I had to say no since my mom controls my life and would get pissed off to no end…but it happened…and I wanted to say yes…so does that count?

My life is a mess, but school’s almost over! Four more exams to go, and one’s tomorrow, but I’m pretty good at Spanish.

I will end up dying from too many heart attacks one after another – test stress, semi-formal, the pool party I miraculously got invited to, Ohio Boy…..

goodbye world

Sorry for the rant if you actually read this. And thank you guys for your unending support!

Also I couldn’t find a picture of screaming that didn’t look terrible so…


17 thoughts on “Um, Title?

  1. Ohio boy sounds nice! I’m happy for you, even though you couldn’t say yes because of your parents!😔 I always get envious when this happens to other people coz I’m just like like ‘Hello what about me I don’t wanna be alone forever’😂😂
    Good luck with exams, and have fun at the semi-formal! And as for poem, I’ve been in that situation SO many times. Usually it’s tell bratty full-of-themselves popular girls that overreact like crazy when I speak loudly, or even just speak! I hardly speak in lessons lol, but when I do there’s no need to announce it!😂

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  2. Right? Just because you’re obnoxiously loud with your fake voice all the time doesn’t mean everyone has to be too! It’s sad that the first boy to tell me I was cute was a boy I met by chance at a park, but hey, I’ll take what I can get. 😂😜 Since we don’t know each other and don’t have the background info to judge each other I just ask him really deep questions and see what he says. It’s so fun!
    And yeah everyone’s like love will come and I’m like how ’bout now?
    Thanks! I love replying to long comments. They excite me 😊

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  3. Exactly! I swear everyone I know or talk to finds boys they’re interested in at parks! Most of my friends find cute boys at parks, and you did! I think I need to make a trip down to my local park…😂😄
    Ah yes, deep questions are the best questions, and they always lead to deep conversations which I love! Plus in deep conversations you can tell whether they’re worth talking to more or not😂
    No problem, I love writing long comments!

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  4. The only reason I was there was because of a friend’s party I got lucky. I’m so jealous her neighborhood has a park because mine doesn’t. They do and it’s so fun but also nerve-racking to ask them! Gah boys mess with my insides too much! hehe


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