Quote of the Day

“I’m not a one in a million type of girl. I’m a once in a lifetime kind of woman.”

Also, leave it to my mom to ruin a great day. Her daughter graduates from eighth grade, gets four special awards, and she doesn’t have to wake up early to drive to school for two months, but she still finds something I did wrong to punish. I love her. So much.


Death By Society

The day it’s too late is the day she runs into the kitchen shouting:

“Mama, mama, I’m fat!”

And all you can say is:

“Who told you that? They’re wrong.”

But she won’t believe you. She won’t believe you ever again. Because you’re her mother, and you have to tell her she’s beautiful. No matter what the truth is, she won’t believe it.

And so at night you cry for the loss of another little girl.  

Taken from you by magazines and pop culture and television – and never to realize that it’s all fake until long after it matters.


All just one reason we live in a world of depression.

Superficially Broken

Why does my heart get broken by people that aren’t even real?

Maybe it’s because I’ll never find anyone like them – because I know the world is too superficial to create someone like that.

Maybe it’s the world that’s broken – not me.

Persephone’s girls

My lovely friend Evie has described the “rape age” that we live in today with mythology (I adore mythology – a lost art) and you should definitely give it a read!

letters from a broken person

we are Persephone’s girls.

the girls born with summer in our


honey coating our lips.

we are the girls raised taught to plant flowers

in our hearts.

the girls whose kisses leave you feeling you got

kissed by the sun.

we are the girls who believe that everyone has

the same sunshine hearts

in a world safe and kind for us to live in.

we are the happiest girls…

and we are tricked into thinking

it will always stay that way.

it happened all too quick.

we were only eleven years old

cartwheeling in the yard when all we felt were

his hands dragging us into his car.

that was they day we discovered that some suns

fade away.

he told us his name was Hades

and that he loves us very much,

how he always wanted a sunshine girl.

a craving, a yearning

to touch.

he locked us…

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so much left

My beautiful amazing friend Evie wrote this and I wanted to share it with you because I thought it summarized the way I want to be free in the future perfectly. So much talent chan!

letters from a broken person

have you ever woke up early in the morning

to watch the run rise

on the roof?

seen the world from the moon?

felt the wind wash over you like water

on the top of a mountain?

have you ever closed your eyes to feel

petals raining down on you from the trees?

or collected all the prettiest orange leaves

to blanket yourself into?

have you ever walked through the biggest cities

of the world and feel the rush of human existence?

hug a stranger on the street because you simply thought

he needed one?

have you ever written a love poem and sealed it

with red wax to give to a lover?

or pick wildflowers to put in your hair?

have you ever took a polaroid photograph of the

sun and the moon kissing?

have you ever had a date with the stars?

have you ever had a late-night…

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